Monday, January 10, 2011


Xmas card and an unfinished pic Summer Crew pic. Kinda wished it got finished but I was lazy and Shawn volunteered to color it if I drew it. I think I finished and sent it off xmas eve and's since somewhere on his pc I assume :P. I like the umbrella on the mistletoe.


I felt it was time that I try drawing some realistic turtles instead ones of the Ninja variety :P

DC Ninjas

This popped in my head a while back. Pretty much a re-imagining of The BIG DC 3 Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman in a ninja universe. Pretty much dc manga verse. Bats and Wonder are already good fighters but Superman would be interesting. I was thinking that Supe's powers would be magic based for his increased strength. Anywho I think I'm gonna redo them more cartoony. RED EVERYTHING!!!

Xmas Stuffs

Some sketches drawings for Kat and Morgan for Xmas. Did Morgan as Camp Morgan SO ORIGINAL. And Tinkerbell and Jessica Rabbit for Katarina

Logan San

Ya chibby Wolverine.

Booty but cheeks!

More girls. I draw the girl with the frilly long dress then for funnies looking at it later i added the dude thinking "don't turn around" it made me lol. The girl at the bottom right came from a draw-off between Gage and I trying to make a girl in pj's look hot with the motivation Nance and Mel if I remember correctly

Life Draawing

I using newsprint now but I liked how these turn out. I usually don't use colerase but since I forgot how shade with pencils doing tones with them was a lil easier

ART DUMP 2009-2010

Updating. Well It's been over two years since I've updated so time to see if I suck poo or if I've upgraded. Only the scans will tell. Enjoy :) We'll start with some ladies yey