Tuesday, December 8, 2009

This is just some concept stuff for the animation Shawn wants to do. And randomly thrown into there is Slash cuz I was reading his autobiography at the time. PRetty sweet book, soooo many drugs.


Well I was bored at work and decided to draw mark as Wolverine.

Hey ma! Look at me

Facebook can offer great reference. The chick is from a pic taken of Elena at Kate's first hoot tub party. The dude is me trashed at the club on my b-day earlier this year. The penguins were just random shirt designs i was thinking of doing for Bailey. I like the really faint one with the penguin holding up the dove with the olive branch. heheh someday they'll be made

Girls I do adore

I drew that one in the bottom right corner when i was randomly chilling with Nancy at billings and I like what she had on so I referenced her. The rest are random Trashy Lingerie models.

Green Machine

I got a lot reference for this poses from the Guilty Gears Art book I picked up at Labyrinth a while back. Oh Labyrinth, I'd marry you if i could.

See Who Gives a F*

After picking up the Walk with me In Hell DVD form HMV for dirt cheap, i felt like doing an homage to Lamb of God. Would have been cool to finish but as per usual, didn't give myself a big area :P

Lace and bass?

This came to be cuz I was tired of not ever finishing a pic as that seems to be my running theme. Got the reference from Trashy Lingerie. If you need girls in hot poses and wearing very little, dats da place to be! Their pics are pretty small though. They get on that HD shit! The pic turned out less cartoony than i wanted. would mind taking another crack at it.

Summer Crew and chicks

I just really liked how i drew Shawn in this one and the girl poses aren't too bad either. I just remember it being a while since I drew anyone from Summer Crew. I like the girl at the very top right with her back turned and pointing the gun at us.

This came to be cuz of the random texting between Bailey and I at work. It went something like a want a pic of me on a horse, with a pack of wolves, in a fur bikini. Now this is a framed pic on her desk.

Updating this Bitch 09 whAt?!

Well it's been forever since I've updated so lets get right to it. This a pic i drew for Bailey for Valentines day. Probably the most memorable Valentines days seeing as I was just getting over a cold and she wasn't feeling well at all. Good times, I think we made it sexy ;)